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  1. I Love that everybody hate
    YSL Y EDP.
    If there is a dupe and longerlasting Version tell me.

  2. So their is a good way of choking a girl 🙄😂 hahaha that hesitation. Love your videos! You make me buy so much stuff!

  3. I wore prive to a Halloween party, I didn’t dress up unfortunately because I worked late in the office but when I got out I had on my leather jacket black v neck black fitted jeans and leather Chelsea boots and ladies seemed to really like what I was wearing and said that prive really matched my look and mysterious ness because I was kinda in the backyard just cooling it while people were getting ripped lol thanks Demi ! Btw you are gorgeous ! 😘

  4. Dior sauvage? Lol yeah be a sheep and smell like 90% of men in clubs. So not original that it made me hate that smell…. privé is way better and original

  5. Alot of people will not buy creed aventus because of the price but if i were a boy i would have buy it

  6. Layton over hyped too expensive I’d rather go a different direction Layton sucks !

  7. I got into wearing colonge daily about a year ago and maybe I just wasn’t paying attention but I don’t get the whole "it’s overdone" fragrances. I wear 1 Million and girls go crazy. I’ve never met a woman who says , eh I’ve smelled this before.

  8. Btw was looking for john paul le male and I found something call "in the navy" can U spk to that…

  9. ive been wearing Le Male for over 20 years, my only complaint is the pump always stops working 1/4 of the way into the bottle

  10. I really dont understand Avent. I really feel like its a 100 dollar fragrance in a 300+ bottle,,,thank U so much for Your info, really appreciate when U feature niche brands, and Im sure U already know U r stunning, but I add Your soul shines beautufully through too…RR…# Debonairg

  11. Look. Choices. Content… No complaints. But that music at the beginning… 😉

  12. I spray my ankles only when I wear JPG ultra male. CH prive, spice bomb and Dylan blue for winter-fall. Aventus, bleu and sauvage all season any occasion.

  13. I wish there was a fragrance as intoxicating and gorgeous as her eyes. Every man would be wearing it. Absolutely captivating!!!

  14. When i come to Australia remind me to grab 10 bottles of Layton before i land.

  15. I just got a sample sent over of ultra male and like you say I find it way to sweet and childish even, way to strong with the sweetness and bubblegum, it just smells cheap IMO. maybe I’ll try this le male

  16. I agree on Le Male. Tho i don’t really go clubbing, i use it now as my office scent.

  17. You definitely got a good nose for fragrances cause I totally agree with you on all your likes in dislike. I can go off ur word anytime 🤙🏾

  18. I guess this answers my what to wear at a Las Vegas casino question from another video

  19. Have you tried prada Luna Rossa sport smells similar to le male would like to know what you think of that?

  20. I’m 28, I started clubbing at 16 and in 2005 all the clubs used to smell like le male, all my friends used to wear it and loved it, same thing with one million in 2010 and same thing with Sauvage now, I used to love it but then all my coworkers and firends wear it and even my dad. I love the 3 of them but I hate when something gets boring and repetitive.

  21. Great video as usual! I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on colognes for pool parties (vegas) or just during the day partying it up. Thanks in advance!

  22. Hi Demi I’ve noticed you’ve mention Layton a lot in your videos and also I noticed the parfums de Marly link has your name on it. I’m assuming you’re getting paid by them to promote Layton. Am I the only one that’s noticed this ?

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